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Why Membership?

The North West Highlands is special to all of us in many ways. It’s home and it’s ours.  These are the landscapes and the backdrop to our lives.  We know visitors flock here from all over the world and even though we see it every day, we know it’s a very special place to live and work.  

One of the things that makes the North West Highlands special is its geology.  Geology forges our landscapes, it creates the rugged coastlines, iconic mountains and beautiful glens that we know and love. Geology gives us fishing ports and rivers, suitable farmland, sheltered glens that supported settlements which are the foundations of the villages we now work in, and less fertile land that retains a rugged character.  Geoparks tell the stories of the land and UNESCO recognises our stories as the most outstanding in the world.

The North West Highlands Geopark Ltd is a Social Enterprise and a Charity that manages our UNESCO Global Geopark status.  Being a Global Geopark is very similar to being a World Heritage Site. Our Geopark is unique for being managed by a community-led Charity. 

Geopark stories are powerful things, they can evoke a sense of wonder amongst visitors, inspiring them to want to take care of the landscape. They can inspire young minds, and the not-so-young, to learn more about how the planet works and how this affects our daily lives and our culture. They can bring people together, with a shared sense of identity. They can even provide the basis for economic development where stories inspire crafts, products and services.  

To help us continue telling these stories well, the Charity needs sound governance and the support and interest of the communities it serves. If you believe in the value of the Geopark, then please come and stand with us as a member.  

As a member of the North West Highlands Geopark Ltd, you will be showing potential funders that you value the Geopark and the work of the Charity. Of course you will also be able to nominate and elect people to serve as directors, or even serve yourself.