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About Us

Our Vision

“Our vision is for the North West Highlands to become a thriving and sustainable rural economy capitalising on the assets and people of the Geopark in partnership with local government, relevant agencies and local businesses”

Meet the Team

Dr Iain Young

Chair and Projects Director

I’m a lifelong devotee of the North West Highlands and believe the Geopark can make a difference to the appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area and so contribute to our local communities

Ann MacLeod

Community Director for Coigach and Fundraising Director

The rocks remain for us all to enjoy ! I fell in love with the place at 18 years of age. I see the NWHG UNESCO status as an invaluable asset to the sustainability of the communities living and working in the Geopark

Crawford Hunt


I first discovered the North West Highlands whilst at University and have been back a number of times to visit and walk the hills, especially Suilven. The chance to help out the Geopark is something I am really looking forward to and gives me another excuse to visit

Murdo MacPherson

Director for Kinlochbervie and Communications Director

As a former geography and history teacher in KLB High School, I have never ceased to be captivated by the communities and environment of our area and wish to help develop the Geopark as a means of giving back to the place where I have been privileged to live for the last 25 years

Elisabeth Tønsberg

Community Director for Scourie and Stakeholders Director

Scourie is one of the most beautiful places on the west coast, but it’s also one of the most exciting places, geologically speaking. It is a joy being on the Geopark board and to be part of the next chapter telling the story of the living landscape

Don Campbell

Community Director for Durness

I have served 22 years in the corp of Royal Engineers and worked in local government and for civil engineering consultants in the construction industry. I currently work with the Capewrath range and on my family croft. I see the Geopark as a unique opportunity to show off the diverse geology that we have in the area and I have faith in its potential for community development

Natasha Hutchison

Community Director for Lochbroom

I see the Geopark as an innovative driver of sustainability in Lochbroom and our neighbouring areas, I am excited to be able to contribute this forward-thinking, collaborative organisation!

Dr Malcolm Bangor-Jones

Community Director for Assynt

Jean MacKay

Co-opted Director, Scourie Community Council Chair

I believe the Geopark can help our communities have a voice and be sustainable without having to be subjected to over tourism


Community Director for Melness, Tongue & Skerray

Currently vacant – please get in touch with us iif you are interested in this role. info@nwhgeopark.com

Dr Laura Hamlet

Geopark Manager

I have a great passion for the Geopark as a driver for community development in the North West Highlands, using the natural and cultural heritage assets we have in abundance here for community-led action. It is a privilege to continue to work with these communities and help to build a stronger, more resilience Geopark

Pete Harrison

Geopark Geologist

Having already served the geopark at various times as a director, company secretary, treasurer, business manager and administrator I can see the developing potential of the geopark organisation to contribute to life in the NW Highlands. I now look forward to providing a service concentrating on my skills as a geologist and Geotour leader

Chris McNeill

IT Support

As a regular visitor to the North West Highlands for the last 25 years I have come to appreciate this unique landscape. Recent involvement in geological and archaeological field activities offered by the Geopark sparked my interest further and prompted me to become more involved. As a volunteer I’m now pleased to be able to contribute to the promotion of the Geopark and its community projects

Alison MacPherson

Geopark Administrator

I grew up in the North West Highlands and always find myself returning here. The unique landscape and natural heritage never ceases to inspire. The Geopark is a way to give the living landscape and it’s remote communities another voice, and I am excited and honoured to be a part of the Geopark team