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NWHUGG Supporter and Ambassador Partnership Scheme

Northwest Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark Cooperative Scheme With Local Business

In order to further its charitable purposes – in particular education, recreation, heritage and community development – the Geopark Charity wishes to set up light touch collaborations with business.  The aim is to establish a variety of partnership and ambassadorial arrangements with other organisations who have similar values and goals.

There are three levels to the scheme – Supporter, Ambassador and Accredited Ambassador

NWHUGG Supporter

In order to better promote the heritage of the NW Highlands the Geopark wishes to work with visitors to the area and assist local businesses in their sustainable development goals.  To help achieve this the Geopark has launched a Supporter scheme where we work together for mutual benefit of the local heritage and environment.

The cost to become a Supporter is £20 per year (discounted to £15 for the first year).

What the Geopark can do for you

  • The Supporter’s organisation is listed on the Geopark website
  • Training and awareness of the geopark’s heritage is offered with a 20% discount
  • Receive a Geopark car sticker
  • An electronic certificate is provided
  • Periodic discounts at the Rock Stop to be made available to supporters
  • Promotional leaflets or merchandise at the Rock Stop Geocentre are highlighted as being from a supporter

What we can do together

  • Social media sharing
  • Mutual links between the Supporter and NWHUGG websites
  • There will be mutual promotion of activities that fit with our charitable purposes and if appropriate the Supporter will promote and/or sell Geopark publications and merchandise
  • Further development of the scheme based on your feedback

NWHUGG Ambassador

Ambassadors are key individuals within organisations who wish to become accredited. These businesses/organisations can vary from being single self-employed businesses, through local companies with a small number of employees up to large regional and national organisations. There will be a limited number of accredited ambassadors.

Ambassador should be able to speak positively with knowledge about the aims of the Geopark, what it is is achieving and its plans for the future. The working relationship will have mutual benefits for NWHUGG and the Ambassador’s organisation or business.

To ensure mutual interests are being met discussions will take place in year one and then every other year. This will include a review of the organisation’s contribution to sustainable development.  On successful completion of the awareness and training programme (approximately 6 hrs in total) an Accreditation will be awarded valid for two years.  Ongoing discussions will continue on an annual basis to review how the Geopark can assist the business/organisation achieve its aims.

The cost to become an Accredited Ambassador is £60 per year (discounted to £45 for the first year).

Benefits for Accredited Ambassadors

  • Listing on our website as an accredited, trusted ambassador.
  • A certificate of accreditation
  • Training and awareness are offered on an annual basis at a maximum of £20, via face-to-face and/or video conferencing. Funding will be sought to cover even this £20.
  • 10% discount on Geopark publications
  • A free ‘reference copy’ of the Pebble Route driving route guide, when attending the Rock Stop
  • Promotional leaflets or merchandise places at the Rock Stop Geocentre are highlighted as being from an Ambassador
  • Priority access to Geopark staff to answer questions on landscape, geology and global geopark issues


  • A free guided tour at the Rock Stop once a year
  • The opportunity to book bespoke field guiding at 20% discount
  • Access to digital media images under copyright ownership of the Geopark for your use
  • Use of the Geopark Logo accreditation mark that will demonstrate your commitment
  • Access to the periodic discounts at the Rock Stop for your customers
  • Provide up to 4 social media posts per year where these are consistent with our joint aims