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Coigach & Assynt Sense of Place Toolkit

Welcome to the Coigach & Assynt Sense of Place Toolkit

Sense of Place is a phrase used to define how a place makes us feel: what it is about a place that makes it special and different to anywhere else.

This Toolkit can help you make the most of being a part of Coigach & Assynt. It contains art and stories designed to communicate what Coigach & Assynt are like, from the perspective of the people that live here. This can help anyone who wants to talk about Coigach & Assynt, creating landscape interpretation, writing, or advocating for its communities.  We hope that it will even help anyone who is considering moving to the area find out more about our experience of life here. From the tourism business perspective, it contains ideas for how to improve your marketing; your customer relations and visitor welcome; and your own enjoyment of the landscape.

Coigach & Assynt is a creative, diverse, beautiful place. A place that inspires a sense of space, freedom, and adventure. If visitors appreciate and connect emotionally with Coigach & Assynt they are more likely to visit again, spend money, tell their friends about it and respect the people and landscape. In this way, promoting a strong sense of place can support the local, sustainable economy.

This Toolkit is an aid to your own communications activity and is designed to help you draw upon the special qualities of the area in how you promote your services and engage with stakeholders and customers.

We’ll be updating this page with examples of businesses using a sense of place approach. If you’d like to be featured, get in touch at:

All the content is available for you to freely use and adapt. Explore the themes below and download images, videos and other content from our media library.

Written by Lizzie Williams, Web development Countryscape.