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Ranger Walks 2019

As part of the Geoheritage Festival 2019, a variety of guided walks have been arranged with the local Rangers.  A summary of the events is shown below.  To obtain further information please download the attachments provided.


To book your place on any event please click here.


March 7th

A Wee Walk to Nature Birds’ Nests Ullapool

March 11th

A Wee Walk to Nature Signs of Spring in Lochinver

March 21st

A Wee Walk to Nature Shapes and Patterns in Nature, Ullapool

March 25th

A Wee Walk to Nature To find Frog Spawn in Lochinver

April 4th

Dawn Riverside Walk at Inverael

April 8th

A Wee Walk in to Nature To learn Bird Song in Lochinver

April 9th

Rockpooling at Clachtoll

April 11th

Introduction to Birdwatching, Lairg

April 11th

A Wee Walk to Nature Trees From Around the World, Lael

April 14th

Seafood festival

April 16th

Great Egg Hunt at Balnakeil

April 18th

Golden eagle on Ben More Coigach

April 24th

Guided walk over Faraid Head by Durness

April 29th

A Wee Walk to Nature: To Look for Patterns and Shapes in Lochinver

April 30th

Bone Caves Inchnadamph

May 7th

Clachtoll Coastal Walk

May 8th

Guided walk at Scourie bay north side

May 13th

A wee walk to Nature To Look for Slow Worms in Lochinver

May 14th

Drumbeg Peat Road

May 15th

Moine path by Ben Hope

May 16th

Spring Foraging, Ullapool

May 17th

Wester Ross Green Volunteers, Stac Pollaidh

May 21st

The Lost Township of Dubh Clais, Lochinver

May 21st

Guided walk to Castle Bharraich & beyond

May 24th

Guided walk around Scourie bay – south side

May 27th

A Wee Walk to Nature To Look for Butterflies in Lochinver

May 28th

In Search of Golden Eagles near Lochinver

May 28th

Guided coastal walk across Faraid Head

May 30th

Achmelvich Coastal Walk

June 4th

The Amazing Wildflowers of the Limestone at Inchnadamph

June 6th

Lochinver to Achmelvich Beach

June 6th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Butterflies, Ullapool

June 6th

Guided walk around an ancient oak woodland at Loch A’Mhullinn NNR

June 11th

Bat Watching

June 12th

Guided walk at Laxford river

June 14th

The Amazing Mountain of Suilven

June 19th

Guided walk up Ben Hope

June 20th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Sunlight, Ullapool

June 25th

In Search of the Dark Red Helleborines at Inchnadamph

June 25th

Guided walk Talmine to Port Vasco

June 27th

Black Throated Divers in Lochinver

July 4th

Exploring Rockpools at Clachtoll

July 10th

Guided walk around the Kyke of Durness

July 11th

Guided hill and moorland walk at Kylestrome

July 11th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Cloud Watching, Ullapool

July 16th

Guided coastal wildflower walk at Oldshoremore

July 23rd

The Natural Sea Archway at Rubh an Dunain near Stoer

July 25th

Animal Tracks and Signs at Shin Falls

July 25th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Tree Leaves, Ullapool

July 25th

Guided copastal walk at Talmine, Melness

July 30th

Cul Mor, Coigach

July 30th

Guided Highland river and moorland walk at Kinloch neat Tongue

August 1st

Rockpool Exploring at Clashnessie

August 6th

Clachtoll Coastal Walk

August 8th

Bone Caves

August 8th

Meet a Tree, Lael Forest

August 13th

Clachtoll Sand Sculptures Competition & Seashore Activities

August 15th

Wildlife of a Highland Woodland Shin Falls near Lairg

August 20th

Clachtoll Coastal walk

August 22nd

A Wee Walk to Nature, Moths in Nature, Ullapool

September 3rd

Harbour Seals at Oldany, Drumbeg

September 5th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Looking for Fungi, Ullapool

September 10th

Fungi in the Culag Woods. Lochinver

September 18th

Clachtoll Coastal Walk

September 19th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Coillecting Tree Seeds, Ullapool

September 20th

Badentarget Beach Clean, Coigach

September 24th

Bone Caves

September 26th

Fungi in Culag Woods, Lochinver

October 1st

Foraging Walk on Isle Martin

October 10th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Colour Changes in Nature, Ullapool

October 15th

Stories and Art in the Culag Woods Lochinver

October 16th

Over the Hill Dundonnell to Clachan, Lochbroom

October 19th

Ullapool Hill Path volunteer day

October 24th

A Wee Walk to Nature, How Does Wildlife Cope with Winter, Ullapool

November 12th

Full Moon Walk, Ullapool Hill

November 14th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Feed the Birds, Ullapool

November 16th

Volunteers, Riverside Paths, Ullapool

November 28th

A Wee Walk to Nature, National tree Week, Ullapool

December 11th

Inspired by Mountains, Achiltibuie

December 12th

A Wee Walk to Nature, Festive Plants and Animals, Ullapool

December 13th

Inspired by Mountains, Ullapool