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The Faultline


A novel by John McLellan

Paperback. 2022.

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The Faultline

By John McLellan

We all know sometimes there is a particular moment in time or a place, where you look back and think “that made me who I am”.

Well, this is about some things like that, which happen to a group of young people in the late seventies, in a wild and rugged North West Highlands. It weaves in a lot about mountains and rocks, a crashed wartime plane, swimming in mountain lakes and confronting sexuality. But mostly it is about friendship, affection and love.

John McLellan graduated from Swansea University in the late seventies with an honours degree in Geology and undertakes voluntary geology fieldwork guiding on the Jurassic Coast and elsewhere. He is now a writer living in Bristol and “The Faultline” is John’s first novel.

A donation is made to Southmead Hospital Charity for every copy of this book sold.

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