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Cape Wrath

Durness Visitor Centre – An ideal place to start exploring and also the base for the local Highland Council Countryside Ranger. Examine rocks from the Geopark in detail and enjoy displays on geology, local history and wildlife. Find out about local events, entertainment and children’s activities.

Cape Wrath – Take a breathtaking trip to the most north westerly point in the British Isles by ferry and bus or on foot. Because it is used as a military range the area is uninhabited – and truly wild!

Balnakeil church and craft village – Adjacent to the sands of Balnakeil Bay is a church founded by St Maelrubha in 722. Walk among gravestones that tell of villains, poets, clans and shipwrecks. Visit the colourful craft village and view inspirational artworks by local artists and craftspeople.

Faraid Head – Jutting into the North Atlantic Ocean, Faraid Head is characterised by undulating sand dunes and coastal grasses and is an excellent place to see the Scottish primrose. Ask about the Highland Council Countryside Ranger service to help you make the most of your trip.

Loch Eriboll – 16 km long and descending to 60 fathoms (110 metres), Loch Eriboll is an impressive deep sea loch with a long history as a naval anchorage – see the name of WWII battlecruiser HMS Hood, picked out in stones on a hillside 80 years ago by her ship’s company. Visit a 2000 year old Iron Age wheelhouse on the hillside above the loch.

Smoo Cave – Underground pools, cavernous limestone ceilings, local legends, traces of human habitation stretching back thousands of years – don’t miss Smoo Cave. The cave is so big that audience events are sometimes held here.

Sango Bay – Above the sands of Sango Bay lie the most exposed outcrops of the Moine Thrust. A geologists paradise, this is a spectacular place to view geological features.

Foinaven – At a height of 911m, Foinaven and the surrounding peaks offer adventurous climbing opportunities. It’s worth the effort for the panoramic views and sightings of birds of prey alone. Remember to check weather conditions and make sure you are well-equipped for the climb before setting out.

Ben Hope – At height of 927m, at the gateway to the Geopark, the mostly northerly Munro.

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