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NWHUGG Ambassador Partnerships

Mckenzie Mountaineering

We specialise in a variety of exciting trips and tours including long-distance trails, multi-activity days, hill walking group adventures from one day to multi-day trips in the Scottish mountains as well as walking tours further afield. Our adventures range from very small group walking trips in a variety of destinations to 1 day walks from our base in Ullapool.

We aim to promote the beauty of the great outdoors and mountain environment whilst giving you an inspiring experience.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We have been guiding walking trips within the boundary of the park for many years. Since we moved to Ullapool in 2018 we focussed more and more on the North-West of Scotland and within the Geopark with our walks/trips/trails.  This is the next step to bond more with other local businesses and organisations which promoting and protecting nature at the same time.

Our aim is to learn more about the Geopark to be better as a company and guides talking and teaching guests the wonders of the park.


Hamlet Mountaineering

Hamlet Mountaineering offers rock climbing, hill walking and scrambling activities as well as working with Kayak Summer Isles to provide sea kayaking and canoeing.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

I would like to show case my knowledge and passion for the local Geology through my website and learn more about the Geology to give my guests a better day out.


Lisa MacDonald

Teacher, writer and community activist

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

To support the Geopark with regard to the Gaelic language which is so fundamentally present in the landscape


Durness Deep Time

Durness Deep Time is an interpretative exhibition which explains the geology and archaeology of the Durness area. For those who want to gain deeper understanding of the geology of the local landscape a range of guided walks are offered, tailored to all ages and levels of knowledge, and led by geologist Dr. Björn S Hardarson

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As a professional geologist with a business aimed at visitors to the area which explains and promotes the international importance of the geology of NW Scotland and the Durness area in particular it is valuable to work with and collaborate with North West Highlands Geopark


Keith Miller


Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

To support the Geopark


The Seafood Shack

The Seafood Shack is an outdoor catering trailer located in Ullapool selling freshly cooked seafood. It was set up in 2016 by two local ladies who have a passion for the sea.

Our menu changes daily depending on what the fishermen bring us that morning ensuring everything is as fresh as it can be. We have tables and chairs for our guests to sit at while looking over Loch Broom.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We want to support the Geopark charity as they have such a special connection to the land and the community, teaching visitors and locals about the history of the area is hugely important so we want to help support them where we can.


Kylesku Hotel

Kylesku Hotel is a boutique hotel and restaurant in the northwest Scottish Highlands, right in the heart of the north west Highlands UNESCO Geopark, specialising in ultra-local seafood, meats and produce. Whether you’re looking for relaxed dining, a light lunch or a week’s wilderness adventure in amongst Scotland’s glorious mountains and lochs, come on by!

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

With our location right in the heart of the North West Highlands Geopark, we are perfectly placed to be an Ambassador. Our landscape and beautiful scenery is what makes our hotel so special and we want to preserve and promote the Geopark as much as we can. We are fully supportive and hope to collaborate further on geotourism and cultural tourism projects in the Highlands.


Inchnadamph Hotel

Hotel on the shore of Loch Assynt

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

To support geology tourism in the area & to encourage people to explore more of the natural beauty that Assynt has to offer.


Highland Stoneware

Manufacture and sale of high temperature, quality ceramics

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Great admiration for the work of the Geopark charity. Particular interest in the development of high temperature glazes from local rocks


Elphin Tearooms

Cafe in the village of Elphin

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Because the geology around here is amazing and its such an integral part of what makes the area what it is. I believe that the Geopark charity has a lot of potential to help the area, and that we are in a really good position (geographically) to support them


North Coast Explorer Tours

Private guided tours of the North Coast 500 and its heartland

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

To further our knowledge and experience to then impart this to our guests


Leading Lines

My name is Dougie Cunningham, and I am a photographer. I sell prints, yes, but there’s more to the life of a photographer than a website full of photographs and the occasional magazine article!  I take on commissions for businesses and organisations like the NTS but I also write guidebooks, my first being Photographing Scotland.

I’m currently working on a more local photographer’s guide just for the north of the country, and the Walker’s Guide to Coigach and Assynt on behalf of the Coigach and Assynt Living Landscape Partnership. I also run workshops and tours.  Through all my work, I try to encourage respect and appreciation for the places that we all love.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

The North West of Scotland is a unique place, as fascinating as it is beautiful.  I am a landscape photographer, and years of photographing Scotland’s mountains has given me more than a passing interest in our geological as well as cultural heritage. I take great pleasure in helping others discover the places I love through writing guidebooks and leading workshops and tours.

At its core, the NHW Geopark is also about encouraging people to engage with and appreciate the landscape and history that surrounds us. Their events and projects have already deepened my own appreciation for the area, and I hope my own work can help advance the goals of the Geopark in return.



We are Scotland’s nature agency. We work to improve our natural environment in Scotland and inspire everyone to care more about it. So that all nature in Scotland – our key habitats and landscapes, all our green space and our native species – is maintained, enhanced and brings us benefits.

We are based in a series of local offices in Areas. The Ullapool office manages Knockan Crag NNR and retains contact with the Geopark, as part of the ‘Northern Isles North Highland’ Area.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

NatureScot have been involved with Scotland’s first Geopark since it’s inception and birth in 2004. As Scotlands ‘Nature Agency’ our role is to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural heritage. This includes our landscapes and geo-diversity. We work with others to inspire, enthuse and influence society to manage our resources sustainably. One of Scotland’s most valued resources is its landscapes, underpinned by the geology we often cannot see. All our eco-systems (life on earth) depend on geodiversity and biodiversity. Therefore, the NWH Geopark is a natural partner.

We manage Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve which provides a key education attraction within the Geopark. The work in promoting and supporting best practice for geo-conservation is wider than our protected areas, and national nature reserves, and the NWHG is an important partner.


McQuoids Distillers Ltd

We distil spirits within the highlands and market them.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We think it is important to protect biodiversity and Geoparks are a great way of championing this process. As a business we are striving to be environmentally responsible and actively assist in the reduction of humanities impact on the natural landscape. We also seek to limit our impact and promote responsibility.


The Rock Stop (Accredited Ambassador)

The Rock Stop is the Geocentre for the North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark and is located at its very heart. It provides a free exhibition for visitors and residents alike, which informs about our landscape and the purpose of the geopark . It has a café for refreshments, including light lunches and a shop that provides a range local crafts, books and maps.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

The Rock Stop is run by the trading arm of the charity responsible for determining the direction that the geopark takes. It is often the point of contact between the public and the concept of geoparks and ours in particular. It provides a free exhibition for all those who come through the door, which was over 13,000 in the last full year of trading. The staff at the Rock Stop are in many ways the ambassadors of the geopark already and will welcome having access to the training and networking that the scheme makes possible.


Cape Wrath Ultra

Cape Wrath Ultra is a well-known and well regarded Ultra running race along the Cape Wrath Trail. It has taken place in 2016 and 2018. The 2020 edition was postponed, and the race will be organised annually from 2021.  We are expecting approximately 300 participants in 2022.

Ourea Events are a well respected small event-organising business based in Kendal, also known for organising the Dragon’s Back Race and Skyline Scotland in Lochaber.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Ourea Events organise the Cape Wrath Ultra race each year, which has a large part of the route through the Geopark. As an organisation, we share many values with the Geopark, and are committed to sustainability and preserving and showcasing the natural environment.


Newton Lodge

Newton Lodge is a special place to visit on your Highland adventure with the most spectacular loch and mountain views. Set amidst stunning scenery near Kylesku in the far North West Highlands on the NC500 and with the Geopark right on the doorstep. Seven cosy bedrooms for those who wish to experience the best night’s sleep and delicious breakfast. Our bar serves speciality gins and fine whisky and is open to guests and non-residents. We are also dog friendly.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We are delighted to support the Northwest Highlands Geopark to ensure ongoing development of geo-tourism projects, conservation and educational programmes. The Geopark is right on our doorstep and is often one of the reasons our guests come to stay. It is vital to us that we protect and promote the Geopark in the most sustainable way possible.


Rhueart Gallery

RhueArt Gallery is just North of Ullapool, on the shores of Lochbroom looking out over the Summer Isles. Originally opened in 1980 it features the studio and exhibition space of renowned artist James Hawkins, considered to be one of the best contemporary landscape painters in Scotland. As well as a beautiful exhibition space showing works by other Artists; all of whose work is influenced by the natural environment.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Understanding the underlying geology has helped us comprehend and interpret the colours and textures of this spectaculars landscape. We want to work with the NWH Geopark to help sustain and develop the communities living in the area. Enabling the local people and visitors to gain a greater understanding of this environment and its care.


Croft 148 Oldshoremore

Croft 148 Oldshoremore is a working croft where I grew up. It is home to some north country sheep, native cattle breeds and five donkeys to add to the mix!

We currently offer a self built 2 bedroom house and a static caravan as holiday accommodation and have ambitious plans to grow the business substantially over the coming years with the addition of 18 new self catering cabins, a cafe and a 32 bed hostel.

Our goal is to create a long term, profitable family run business to support local employment and through the creation of high quality accommodation for visitors, help generate tourism and income for the area.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

I believe that the promotion of the Geopark brings more visitors and business opportunities to the area and would like to support this initiative.

The unique landscape plays an important part in drawing visitors who wish to learn about the area. By being involved I can work with the Geopark, provide feedback and become part of a network to promote the area responsibly.

I also believe business support for the Geopark will lead to more financial opportunities which in turn could help reverse depopulation in Sutherland! By providing essential accommodation I feel we are making our own contribution which will hopefully bring more visitors and create new business opportunities.


High Life Highland Countryside Rangers

The High Life Highland Ranger Service in North Highlands work to engage people with Highland wildlife. We deliver a programme of guided walks and events, we work with the local schools on environmental projects, we support projects with the local community that deliver on green health and biodiversity objectives and monitor sites throughout the North for the Highland Council.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

The Ranger Service have been involved with the NWH Geopark since its formation. Indeed we were involved in the early discussions and application to UNESCO for Geopark status. The aims of the Ranger Service tie in with that of the Geopark, in that we are working to engage people with the wonderful landscape and wildlife of the North West Highlands. The Ranger Service have worked in partnership with the Geopark in many projects over the last twenty years; with local schools, with local community groups and with visitors to the area.


Seascape Expeditions

Based in Ullapool, we offer exciting expeditions in our 8.5m RIB, visiting Loch Broom, the Summer Isles and Isle Martin throughout the summer season. Lots of opportunities to spot the marine wildlife and view stunning coastal scenery from the water. Hourly excursions, longer trips and private charters are all available.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Geology doesn’t just stop where the sea meets the land; it has shaped the landscape where I spend my days, whether fishing or showing visitors the rich wildlife and habitat of the area. I want to support the Geopark as it seeks to inform and educate people to better understand the area in which we live.


Oldshoremore Retreats

We opened up the old campsite at Oldshoremore in May 2021, now consisting of 3 purpose built , self contained pods, a semi detached, self catering cottage and 3 camping pitches.   As yoga and sound healing practitioners we are currently setting up the site to cater for yoga retreats and our aim is to provide a long term, long stay, destination for visitors who love the outdoors along with all the benefits it brings.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As an owner of a glamping/camping site at Oldshoremore we receive guests from all over the world and one of the most common reasons people live in the area is the unique scenery and geology.  Having first visited the area over forty years ago, I have always been intrigued by the local nature and landscape and would love to be able to pass on my knowledge to others to encourage a better understanding and appreciation of our wonderful natural heritage.


Ullapool Bookshop

Ullapool Bookshop is an independent Bookshop situated right in the heart of the village. Open 7 days a week all year round, we sell a wide variety of publications, including Geology, local history and books on the Highlands and Islands as our specialist areas.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As a long term stockist of all of the NW Geopark publications, Ullapool Bookshop is delighted to become an Ambassador for the NW Geopark. Geology is an important area within Ullapool Bookshop and we are pleased to support the Geopark’s development as an important area of Geological significance within the NW Highlands.


Highland Geological Society (Accredited Ambassador)

The Society is a membership based voluntary group. Its charitable purposes are:

1. To promote the understanding of the science of geology and other earth sciences through the organisation of field excursions and lectures.

2. To foster good relations with other organisations having related interests.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

The Society recognises the very considerable importance, both historical and scientific, of the geology and geomorphology of the North West Highlands and wishes to support the Geopark in its valuable work of promoting the area.


Ullapool Outdoors Limited

Ullapool Outdoors is a specialist outdoor clothing & equipment shop situated in the village of Ullapool in the Northern Highlands.  From here we provide the best outdoor equipment available combined with our experienced knowledge of the products we sell.  Being outdoor enthusiasts we know the need for friendly trustworthy advice when it comes to buying the correct equipment. We want people of all abilities to get the most out of the outdoors by sharing our knowledge and experience in a relaxed, friendly environment on the shop floor or through our website.

Why shop with us?

We’re an independent store, what this means is when you place an order, phone or visit the shop either Lawrence, John, Ian or Jen will be here to help with your request. What we may lack in store size we make up for in customer service.  We’re not only here to answer questions on equipment, if you want to know what the weathers like, is there snow on the hills, what’s been getting climbed recently or if you have any suggestion or comments please feel free to contact us.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As we are a shop that sells equipment for people to enjoy the outdoor environment which includes the Geology we thought it would be a good idea to be a part of this.


The Ceilidh Place

Founded in 1970 by the current family owners, The Ceilidh Place is a hotel, cafe-bar, bookshop, art gallery and music venue. Come and be welcome for tea and a scone, a bed for the night, a pint and a dram, a concert or session or a book or a painting.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

The land underpins everything we do, and without it there would be no Wester-Ross in which to live, love and play. To stand on some of the oldest rock in the world is a treasure, and to learn more about its formation and journey is a fascinating process. The GeoPark and its aims really help to celebrate and promote understanding of this landscape and The Ceilidh Place would love to help spread that knowledge to all our guests, from near and far.


VisitScotland Ullapool iCentre

Our advisors are passionate about their area and their jobs and are on hand to provide you with inspiration on where to visit not only in the local area but throughout Scotland.

Our iCentre offers excellent local knowledge and advice to help you make the most of your visit here in Ullapool and the wider North Highlands. We can also help locals and visitors plan and book travel to other areas of our beautiful country.

In addition to information we also have a range of retail on offer (including official NC500), maps and walking books as well as a ticket booking service including a Citylink Bus booking service.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As a VisitScotland iCentre, our primary function is to support both the local tourist economy and visitors (whether international, domestic or local!) by providing information and inspiration on how to get the best from their time in the area.

We have a longstanding and positive relationship with the Geopark with familiarisation trips, knowledge sharing and a great range of products (both free and saleable) on offer in the iCentre.

As such we’re keen to develop this relationship (with the Geopark and all businesses, communities and organisations in the region) and support through whatever channels and options are available.


Ullapool Museum Trust

Ullapool Museum works for the Lochbroom community to protect and preserve the heritage, culture and history of Lochbroom.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We feel that our natural heritage is just as important as our cultural heritage. Working with the GeoPark helps bring the two areas together.


Venture North

As the Destination Management Organisation for Caithness and Sutherland, Venture North is responsible for delivering the Tourism Strategy for the region. As part of this, Venture North’s work aims to ensure Sutherland and Caithness continues to be a high quality and sustainable tourist destination whilst also supporting, and working with local businesses to provide a strong and representative voice for tourism in the region.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

A key natural and cultural asset to the area, the geological history and spectacular landscape of the Geopark is major draw for both visitors and residents alike. For this reason, Venture North are keen to support the Geopark through the Ambassador programme in doing so, both encourage sustainable visits to area whilst also working to collaborate on key tourism and community projects.


Ardmair Point Holiday Park

Caravan and camping site with with holiday chalets, lodges and holiday home

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We are keen to work with local businesses and organisations to promote the fantastic surroundings we live in. The Geopark is an invaluable resource providing visitors with an insight into how our surroundings were formed and becoming a supporter will help us to promote all it has to offer.


Ferrycroft Visitor Centre

Ferrycroft is run by Highlife Highland – a charity under the Highland Council umbrella.
We are a heritage, countryside and visitor information centre. We have a range of wildlife, local history/culture and geological displays as well as a gift shop stocked with locally made crafts, a kids activity area and a small coffee shop. Open from April to October, 7 days a week, 10am -4pm.
Staff are enthusiastic and knowledgeable in wide range of visitor information and our aim is to enthuse and educate visitors, provide information to help visitors see and do more during their visit to the area. Hopefully they will stay longer in the area, come back another time or tell friends and family

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

In becoming an Ambassador we look forward to working together with the geopark, it’s partners and other Ambassadors.
Through a larger contacts base we hope to increase visitor numbers in both directions!
Increasing our knowledge and with a deeper understanding of the environment, people and culture which exists within and around the geopark we hope to enable more meaningful visitor experiences, promoting a care and appreciation of the special and important environment we call our home!


FISK Gallery and Workshops

A Gallery shop with maker’s workshops attached, showing and selling a wide variety of the work of skilled creatives living and working in this area.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

To support quality local initiatives and organisations which benefit local residents and visitors alike.


Inchnadamph Explorer’s Lodge

Hostel and holiday accommodation in Inchnadamph

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Since taking over the hostel in May 2022 we’ve come to learn its impressive history as a base for geologists, walkers, and explorers. We are keen to build on this legacy and would love to better support our Geopark as well as provide our guests with more information about how special an area Assynt is.


GeoCultura Ltd

GeoCultura offers cultural tours to ‘must-see’ destinations with spectacular landscapes. Our tour leaders are experts with knowledge and a passion for the geology, science, heritage and history of each area. Our new, unique tour of the Scottish Highlands, takes you on a billion year journey through amazing geological landscapes and cultural histories; bringing to life the birth of the landscape, the controversies, the battles, the heritage, and the secrets of what makes Highland malt whisky so special.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

The Geopark is a focal point for our new Highlands tour so we are delighted to support the wonderful work they do, as it enables our visitors to explore this world famous fascinating geological and historical landscape and develop their understanding and appreciation of it.


Leckmelm Holiday Cottages

Six letting cottages near Ullapool.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As a tourism accommodation provider I am aware that the Geopark offers great opportunity for learning, exploration and added value to a holiday.


National Trust for Scotland

National Charity established to preserve Scotlands special places for future generations.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Corrieshalloch is one of the most spectacular gorges of its type in Britain and provides striking evidence of how glacial meltwater can create deep gorges.

Whilst outside the boundaries of the Geopark, Corrieshalloch Gorge shares many similarities.Our team at Corrieshalloch wish to tap into the knowledge, expertise and understanding of the Geopark to better enhance our customers experience as they visit Corrieshalloch and in turn help promote the wider areas around Corrieshalloch.


Ullapool Harbour Trust

Situated in the sheltered waters of Loch Broom, Ullapool Harbour is a natural harbour carved out by the glaciers of the last ice age. Ullapool is the mainland port for ferry services to the Isle of Lewis. The fishing industry has been at the heart of Ullapool since the village was founded by the British Fisheries Society in 1788 and it is still a busy fishing port. The harbour area covers 26 square miles, providing deep anchorage for large vessels such as cruise liners.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We are happy to forge ties with the NWH Geopark with whom we have had a relationship over many years. We think Ullapool is a natural stopping off point for visitors before they enter the Geopark and we think that both spaces can mutually benefit from a more immersive experience that offers a mix of outdoor and indoor activity.


John Muir Trust

John Muir Trust is a conservation charity that aims to connect, protect, and restore wild places. We are working towards a place where nature, people, and communities have the freedom to thrive. Alongside communities nationwide, we connect people with wild places, campaign to protect those places, and restore and enhance land for the common good.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

As the leading charity for Wild Places and with a strong base in the North West we are very pleased to join the Geopark ambassador scheme. John Muir Trust’s aims align closely with those of the Geopark, and we hope that becoming ambassadors will enable fruitful and mutually beneficial cross-working opportunities.


Loch, Land and Sea

At Loch, Land & Sea, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional paddleboarding experiences through our high-quality hire, tuition, and guided tours. Our goal is to showcase the breath taking natural beauty of the northwest highlands, while also promoting responsible and respectful interactions with the environment. We believe that by offering a unique and enriching perspective, we can inspire a deeper connection to the natural world.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Through our collaboration, we hope to use the expertise of the NWH Geopark to enhance our paddleboard sessions, offering a truly immersive and informative experience that showcases the unique wonders of this remarkable region.


The Durness Bus

The Durness bus LTD provide public service routes, home to school transport and private hires throughout the North West Highlands.

‘Winners of the 2023 Rural Public Transport Award from the SRITC Scottish Rural & Island Transport Community’

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We are driving almost entirely within the Geopark. The Geopark is the view from the ‘office window’ and what an office window.

We must operate some of the most scenic bus routes in the world!


Tongue Hotel

Tongue Hotel is a 19 Bedroom 4 star hotel with Varrich Restaurant and Brass Tap bar as food and beverage outlets.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

With Tongue being a gateway to the Geopark on the east it would be great to work with the Geopark and work together to support each other.


Achiltibuie Stores

We are a small independent local shop that provides a wide range of groceries.
We also have petrol, diesel and Calor gas

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Because I fully support the goals of the Geopark


David Allison Grosvenor Estates Reay Forest Estate

Working to protect, enhance, and restore sensitive environmental habitats within these unique locations and improving local property and places. Our aim is to be a leading example of sustainability within the rural economy – contributing to the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the communities we are part of.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

I live and work on the Reay forest estate and am responsible for the sporting team as we jointly manage the habitat design and restoration with the aim of enhancing the biodiversity across the estate.

The Geology is of interest to us and we are eager to be better informed to share with the visiting public. We look forward to learning more and joining up our thinking more widely.


Summer Isles Hotel

The Summer Isles Hotel is tucked away in the vast, natural and ruggedly beautiful landscape of the Western Scottish Highlands.

The hotel is a favourite destination for food lovers, outdoor adventurers and for those looking for peace, tranquillity and fresh air.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We aim to reflect the splendour of our surroundings in everything that we do. This is done in the most sustainable way possible through loyalty and commitment to the local waters and grounds of The Coigach Peninsula.

There is strong alignment between the aims of the North West Highland Geopark and the Summer Isles Hotel which involves celebrating our landscape and making it accessible to visitors. For this reason, the team at the Summer Isles Hotel is delighted to have the opportunity to represent and promote the Geopark.


West Coast Hideaways

Luxury self-catering pods (3 x shepherd huts) with hot-tubs.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

We have an interest in, and knowledge of geology (Stefan’s first degree was in geology) and feel that the exciting geology of the area is under-appreciated by visitors and tourists.

As we are a tourism business (3 self-catering shepherds huts) based in the centre of the geopark we wish to promote the geopark to our guests.  We would also be interested in promoting our accommodation to visitors who have a special interest in geology.


Eat Sleep Wild

Eat Sleep Wild is run by Mark and Monica. We provide tailor-made inclusive adventures across the highlands of Scotland, including hillwalking, wild camping, field trips, hill skills, and astronomy evenings from our home base near Lochinver.

Our experiences are geared towards individuals and small groups, with an aim to inspire all people to expand their horizons and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of the outdoors. Nature doesn’t care about your gender, sexuality, race, income, background, or fitness levels. And neither do we. In fact, we think the outdoors has an amazing equalising power.

We’re very privileged to be able to live the way we do. It was a journey getting to this point and we know how that kind of journey is longer for some than for others. At the end of the day, whatever “mountain” you have to climb, we want to play a small role in helping you get there.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

Geology is one of the reasons why the Northwest Highlands is our favourite part of Scotland. But many people don’t quite grasp how fundamental geology is to creating this incredible landscape. As providers of tailor-made adventures, we’ve always sought to interweave the why and how into our trips.

We’ve seen that when people know why and how the planet works, even just a little bit, they have a greater appreciation for this beautiful place and a greater respect for our natural environment. As ambassadors, we seek to support the Geopark’s great work while also expanding upon our own knowledge about the area so we can provide more enriching experiences to our visitors.


Astronomy Scot

We host a variety of Astronomy inspired events for individuals and small groups or through our free-to-join astronomy club at our observatory and byre near Stoer.

This includes visual astronomy and astro-photography with our two telescopes, dark sky meet-ups, tuition, talks and more.

Just as the Geopark has made geology accessible, understandable and fun, we hope to do the same for astronomy here in Assynt.

Why I Became an Ambassador for the North West Highlands Geopark

My interest (as an astronomer) in Assynt was because of its ‘Bortle 1’ status, which are the darkest skies in Europe. I soon discovered the fantastic work of the Geopark via its tour, making geology understandable and exciting!

We decided to make Assynt our home, coupled with the fact that geology and astronomy are inextricably linked made becoming an ambassador a ‘no brainer’!

We are hoping to help promote and support the fascinating natural and unspoilt nature of this area. I would like to see the Geopark Area attain an ‘International Dark Sky Park’ status.


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