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Friends Of The Geopark Subscription Page


Please select the Friends of the Geopark subscription you wish to purchase. 

Payment can be made using Paypal or Credit Card.  Please note that you will be asked to create a Paypal Account (if you don’t already have one) for recurring subscriptions.


Level Price  
Annual Individual Subscription £25.00 per Year. Select
Annual Joint Subscription £45.00 per Year. Select
Annual Family Subscription £60.00 per Year. Select
Lifetime Individual Subscription £350.00 now. Select
Lifetime Family Subscription £450.00 now. Select

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Terms and Conditions

Friends Of  The Geopark subscriptions are payable annually and valid for 12 months.
Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.
We endeavour to offer Friends reduced rates on as many events as possible, but there are occasions when we are unable to offer this.  You must quote your membership number in any on-line requests or show your membership card at the event. We do not have a senior citizens Friends membership rate.

Your Friends membership card can only be used by that named Friend.

Child members as part of Family memberships are not automatically given membership cards, but a card is available on request.

If you wish to change subscription level, you can upgrade  by logging onto the website going to your accounts page.  This means that an Individual can upgrade to Joint or Family level, and a Joint member can upgrade to Family membership.

Renewal notification will be emailed/sent to you in the month preceding your membership expiry date.

You can cancel your membership any anytime by visiting your account page.

You will not receive a new membership card annually, but you can request a replacement card if your current card is lost or damaged. Otherwise your current card will continue to be valid when you renew your membership.
You are obliged to inform NWHG of any change of address, email or telephone number.
NWHG reserves the right to amend or change Friends benefits from time to time without prior notice.