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Geopark Membership Application

Membership of The Northwest Highlands Geopark

Members of the Northwest Highlands Geopark have the right to attend the annual general meeting (and any extraordinary general meetings) and have important powers under the articles of association and the Act; in particular, the members elect people to serve as directors and take decisions in relation to changes to the articles themselves.

Qualifications for Membership

Membership of the North West Highlands Geopark is be open to anyone aged 16 or over who is on the electoral roll and lives within the boundaries of the park. In addition, the directors may at their sole discretion admit to membership any person aged 16 or over who, while not a full or part time resident within the boundaries of the Geopark, has a strong connection with, or interest in the community.

Applications for Membership

Application for membership is available using an online form attached.  Please click on the button below to access.

The directors shall consider each application for membership at the first directors’ meeting held after receipt of the application; the directors shall, within a reasonable time after the meeting notify the applicant of their decision on the application.

Membership Subscription

The decision as to whether to have membership subscriptions, and at what level, shall be decided annually by the membership at the AGM.

Register of Members

The directors shall maintain a register of members, setting out the full name and address of each member, the date they were admitted to, and the date they ceased to become a member. Any member wishing to withdraw from membership shall sign and lodge with the company a written notice to that effect. On receipt of the notice by the company they shall cease to be a member.


Apply for Membership to the Northwest Highlands Geopark