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Freelance editor wanted

Monday October 19th 2020

The Coigach Assynt Living Landscape partnership is seeking a Freelance guidebook editor to review and update the existing Assynt Walking Network and Walks Around Achiltibuie guides.

Email Laura@nwhgeopark.com for full details and a brief.


The Organisation

Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape is a unique community partnership project which aims to bring environmental and economic benefits to the Coigach and Assynt regions of North West Scotland.

The Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape Partnership Scheme is a National Lottery Heritage Funded project comprising 14 Partner organisations, of which the Scottish Wildlife Trust is the lead partner. The Partnership comprises community landowners, community interest groups, charitable landowners, private land-owners and charitable membership organisations. Collectively these Partners are committed to delivering a Scheme comprising 28 individual projects over 5 years to September 2021.

Lead partner

The Scottish Wildlife Trust was formed in 1964 and is a membership-based charity whose objective is to advance the conservation of Scotland’s biodiversity for the benefit of present and future.

Our approach to creating a Living Landscape depends on both the natural habitats, and the social and economic needs of an area. However, there are common factors that are necessary for success:

  • Action needs to be taken on multiple scales and must link conservation with land use planning.
  • Projects of this size need deep-rooted support and must be driven by the aspirations of local people.
  • There needs to be the will to change and serious investment in rebuilding natural assets on a landscape scale.

A successful Living Landscape is one with a network of healthy, resilient ecosystems supporting all forms of life. Ecosystem health is restored, and society benefits fully from the vital services that ecosystems provide.

The project

The aim of this project is to produce a Walker’s Guidebook for Coigach and Assynt building on community consultation work already carried out by another work package to identify common messages for different aspects of the parishes including walking and driving routes passing through the CALL area.   The guidebook will bring together two previous publications: the Assynt Walking Network and the Walks Around Achiltibuie leaflet and update them for 2021.

Project lead

North West Highlands Geopark (NWHG) was formed in 2004. It gained European Geopark Network official accreditation to become Scotland’s first European Geopark and subsequently attained full UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) designation. As a UGG its primary purpose is to use its internationally significant geological heritage to employ landscape-scale sustainable development for the communities within its 2000km² area.

“Our vision is to be a thriving and sustainable rural economy capitalising on the assets and people of the Geopark in partnership with local government, relevant agencies and local businesses. “

The work

  • Review the text/mapping from the Assynt Walking Network and Walks Around Achiltibuie Guides (links above).
  • Plan the themes, chapters and content of the book with the Project manager. Considering the results of the Sense of Place Toolkit (see below).
  • Compile/Update the text and mapping as necessary, performing an editorial role. Attribution of sources and copyright of utilised material and funder acknowledgment must be included.
  • Typesetting and design, including redrawing maps for digital and print versions.
  • Approval of the final draft will be by the Project manager, the editor will submit a draft for review and approval by the project team. There should be enough time for at least 3 iterations of review.
  • Supervision of book publishing: the editor/compiler will liaise with the publisher and supervise the successful printing of the manuscript.

Email Laura@nwhgeopark.com for full details and a brief.