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Digital Information Compiler Wanted

Tuesday July 6th 2021

Digital Information Compiler

Opportunity for an individual with strong web design and communication skills to support visitor information compilation for the North West Highlands Geopark

Consultant Brief
Title of Brief: Visitor Information Provision
Value: Maximum £1500 to include VAT and all expenses Estimated duration: 2-3 weeks
Deadline for submissions: July 9th 2021 ***Deadline extended to 16th July***


The North West Highlands Geopark requires support to collect information on available parking spaces, facilities and services as visitor hotspots within it’s 2000km2 area and then present this on its website to enable visitors to better plan their journeys and make responsible choices. This will relieve traffic congestion, littering and wild toileting pressures on the environment and host communities within the Geopark.

The Place

The North West Highlands Geopark is a 2000km2 area of the North West Highlands of Scotland. From the Summer Isles in the south to Cape Wrath and the Kyle of Tongue in the North, it contains some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. The foundations of this landscape are of course to be found in the area’s rich geological heritage and UNESCO has awarded the region Global Geopark designation.

The Client

The North West Highlands Geopark Limited is the management body for the Geopark. Directors and staff are (mainly) rooted in the local community—we are a group of (mainly) local people who are involved in the Charity because we care passionately about our area and we want to see it thrive—economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. We want to look after it, and to share with others its outstanding beauty and heritage.

The Work

Research – number of safe parking spaces, facilities and services, together with suggested alternatives at key visitor hot spots. At minimum these hotspots should include: Smoo Cave, Sango Mor, Balnakeil, Sandwood Bay, Oldshore More, Achmelvich, Clachtoll, Ardvrek, Suilven Walkers Car park and Stac Pollaidh.

Compile – information collected through research into a useful database that can be checked and updated by Geopark staff and volunteers.

Integrate – Create a suite of webpages within the North West Highlands Geopark website that will give visitors the right information to plan a responsible journey.


• A database containing information on parking, facilities and services at key visitor hot spots

• Digital information embedded within the NWH Geopark website that can be easily accessed by visitors to help plan their journey.

Contract management

We expect the consultancy commissioned to begin on 20th of July 2021 and be completed by 1st August 2021. An initial kick off meeting will agree the timeline for three work packages:

• Research
• Compilation
• Publication online.

The anticipated budget is £1500 to include all expenses and VAT. The contract will be let by the North West Highlands Geopark Ltd. The payment schedule will be 50% following a meeting to begin the work, and then 50% one the webpages are completed. The project is controlled by and managed on a day to day basis for the North West Highlands Geopark by Laura Hamlet.

Submission requirements

A proposal for undertaking the work should include:

  • Response to the brief, including a brief methodology for undertaking the study.
  • Details of individuals who would work on the project, setting out relevant experience of similar projects. The project manager / lead contact should be identified.
  • Costs for different aspects of the work, including allocation of days between members of the team. This should include an estimated budget for production of a digital and printed guide.
  • The daily charging rate of individual staff involved.
  • Proposed schedule.

Procurement Process

  • Proposal return deadline: 16thJuly 2021
  • Informal discussions are welcome before 16th July 2021 with the Geopark manager via telephone and email.
  • The contracts will be awarded by the 19th July 2021
  • Bidders will be informed on whether they have been successful via their preferred contact method.
  • Submissions should be emailed to: Dr Laura Hamlet (Geopark Manager) at laura@nwhgeopark.com 01854 622754

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be assessed by the Project Team against the below criteria.

  • Understanding the brief – Applicant has clearly demonstrated an excellent understanding of the scope of the work and the requirements of the project.
  • Value for money – Applicant clearly demonstrates their ability to deliver all elements of the brief within budge. Breakdown of costs is provided.
  • Evidence of skills and experience – Clear evidence of relevant qualifications and experience of individuals involved in the project. Evidence of previous similar or relevant projects is provided and it is clear the applicant feels comfortable delivering the project. Understanding importance of communicating community messaging to visitors.
  • Ability to complete on time – Clear plan which includes phases of the project and details of excepted time needed to deliver each phase. Clear evidence of a methodology which will allow delivery and enhancement of the project brief.
  • Understanding of the local area and challenges of delivering a project remotely – Broad familiarity with the Geopark area. Competence in working remotely and communicating via the Zoom virtual conferencing platform.


This project is supported by NatureScot, through the Better Places Green Recovery Fund.