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Celebrating an Impact Talks

Celebrating an Impact

The Celebrating An Impact event took place in the North West Highlands Geopark during the weekend of Sep 30th and 1st Oct 2023 to discuss the latest theories related to the Stac Fada asteroid impact dated to 1.2 billion years ago.  The event brought together a group of eminent Geologists all of whom have studied the Stac Fada impact ejecta and the associated evidence in the field.

The weekend comprised of a number of introductory talks, which you can view by clicking the links below, followed by a field trip to the Bay of Stoer where the evidence contained within the ejected material was examined.  The whole event proved to be extremely informative and very enjoyable for all who attended or joined via Zoom.

Please click on any of the images for more detail.

Disrupted Sandstone Layers

Expert Opinion

Rafts of Sandstone

Superheated Steam Vents

Green devitrified Glass and Gneiss Clast within Stac Fada Member

Pellets formed from material blasted into the air and landing after the main ejecta has passed through

Group at Stac Fada

Expert Panel

Geo Scrambling