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The Geopark is pleased to announce a new Geotour for 2020 – The Highlands Controversy.

The Highlands Controversy tour follows the pioneering geologists of the 19th century in their attempts to unravel the geological history of the northwest highlands. The tour will visit a number of  significant locations that were studied by many of the participants in the great debate.  It will be led by Geopark Geologist Pete Harrison who will help you discover the evidence that led to the theory of thrust faulting and prepared the way for the geological mapping of the Northwest Highlands.

In addition we continue to host the Geopark Geotour which travels the length of the Geopark looking at some of the oldest rocks in Europe,  fossil evidence of the earliest life,  traces of Scotland’s oldest recorded meteorite strike and a landscape that enabled the early geologists to develop the theory of thrust faulting.  Over the course of a week you will visit areas of geological significance in the company of  Geopark Geologist Pete Harrison who will provide expert guidance to help you interpret the landscape.

John Horne and Benjamin Peach

There are currently three Geopark and one Highlands Controversy tour available for 2020.

Geopark Geotour

Fri 15th May – Mon 18th May (extended weekend tour)
Wed 27th May –  Tues 2nd June (limited spaces)
Wed 16th – Tues 22nd September 

Highlands Controversy Geotour

Sat 27th June – Thurs 2nd July


We are now taking boookings for the tours.  Please click the buttons below for more information.

Geopark Geotour                          The Highlands Controversy Geotour


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