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Earth Science Week 2016!

October 8th – 16th

Now in it’s 5th year, Earth Science Week is the brain-child of the Geological Society of London.  They started it to promote the amazing geology all around us in the UK, and where better to see it than in the North West Highlands Geopark?


Saturday 8th October:

12noon until 5pm: @ the Rock Stop. Earth Science based kids activities and staff on hand in the exhibition

5.30pm: @ the Rock StopProfessor Simon Harley (Edinburgh University Geosciences) “Unlocking the Door to the Earliest Earth: Deepest Time as seen from Scotland and Antarctica”

This talk will take you on a journey through deepest time – from the first traces of rocks and crystals on Earth, and how we recognise their ages – to the formation of continents and ancient mountain chains. Examples from Sutherland, Antarctica and Greenland will be used to show you how we look at and unravel the complex rocks in these old continental areas and then use the information to understand how the Earth has evolved over the last four billion years. The record of Earth evolution as seen in the rocks preserved in the Assynt area will be highlighted.

(The Classroom Cafe will stay open for dinner afterwards)


Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th October:

2pm- 4pm: @ the Rock Stop. Augmented Reality Fun Learn about contours, topography, watersheds and hydrological processes, using an incredibly fun and interactive tool! With Dr Hannah Mathers (University of Glasgow).


Friday 14th October:

7pm – 8pm: @ Coigach Community Hall. Geology for Climbers and Runners! Reiff Climbing Festival and Coigach Half Marathon talk.


Saturday 15th October:

1.30-2.30pm: @ Coigach Community Hall Earth Science based fun for kids. Glacier racing, make a Volcano, become a fossil!


All events are free!

We wish to thank the Quaternary Research Association, Highland Council, the Open University and the Geological Society London for supporting our Earth Science Week Program.  Please download a copy here :eswprog and share!


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